Dance Center Evanston

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Dance Center Evanston
Dance Center Evanston

Arts and athletics are both essential for children. They keep them healthy and help them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. They both look good on college applications, both can help secure scholarships, and both can be excellent career paths. Plus, they can both be healthy lifelong hobbies.

But we all know that trying to keep your children engaged in both the arts and athletics is nearly impossible. Fortunately, dance provides a solution to that. Dance is an art, and it’s an athletic activity.

Photo by Matt Glavin

Dance will keep you in prime physical shape, and it’s a beautiful art form that develops creativity and artistic expression. For some, it’s a great way to relieve stress and express themselves, and for others, it becomes a passion that they’ll dedicate their life to.

Either way, Dance Center Evanston is the best place to start. They’re dedicated to providing the best possible training to every student, no matter their age or experience level. Students here are taught foundational skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

This is more than just physical health. Students here will improve their social cognitive skills, learn to express their creativity, and be inspired to be part of something bigger than themselves. DCE understands that each student is different and will have different interests and skills.

F​or that reason, there’s a vast variety of classes and dance styles taught there. No matter what dance style or which techniques your student wants to learn, Dance Center Evanston can help. Each student will move through the Center’s progressive training program, which will prepare them for any college or professional program.

Photo by Matt Glavin

Each year, students are evaluated to ensure that they’re being placed in the right programs and classes to fit their skill level and interests. This way, they’ll be challenged without being pushed to do things they aren’t ready or able to do yet. Each year is cumulative and builds on what they’ve already learned.

The staff at DCE is passionate about dance and about finding ways to include people in it. They don’t want any barrier preventing a child who wants to dance from learning to dance. To that end, there is financial aid available for families in need.

You won’t find a better dance studio than Dance Center Evanston. And it’s not just for kids, either! Adult dance classes at DCE are open to all adults, regardless of your dance experience. You don’t even have to register for these, just drop in and have fun.


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