Lock Chicago – Great Fun for the Whole Family

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Lock Chicago, Evanston

E​scape rooms are a great way to spend an evening with your family, team, or friends. They’re exciting and challenging, they draw people together, and nearly everyone enjoys them. However, some escape rooms are pretty similar. You get locked into a room, and you solve puzzles to escape the room. At a certain point, that can start to feel repetitive.

Luckily for Chicago area residents, Lock Chicago is different. These innovative escape rooms have actually changed the game- meaning, they aren’t just about escaping the room anymore. In fact, you aren’t even locked in the room.

A​t Lock Chicago, there are three different room experiences to choose from, and each room has a different challenge to solve, but none of them are about escaping the room. One room’s challenge is to find a missing artifact that’s needed to restore order and peace to your village, another involves saving your planet from an incoming asteroid, and the third one requires you to figure out how to turn off a wormhole generator before the wormhole consumes the Earth.

I​f you think about it, these challenges make Lock Chicago a bit more like a live-action video game than an escape room. The unique challenges really make the experience a lot better, and especially if you’re getting a bit tired of the traditional escape room experience, you owe it to yourself to give Lock Chicago a try.

O​ne of the best features of Lock Chicago is that all their rooms are private, meaning you won’t end up having to solve a bunch of complex puzzles with complete strangers. The only people in the room will be the ones that you bring with you. And, since every room is family friendly, you don’t have to worry about whether the experience is appropriate for your children (although, if they’re younger than 13, they may have difficulty solving the puzzles.)

Lock Chicago is a locally owned business that’s given $400,000 in free tickets to local charities, so you can also feel good about supporting them, since you know that your support is helping a local business and enabling them to provide a service to the community.

Since opening in 2015, Lock Chicago has moved to three different locations (1601 Sherman Ave., then 820 Davis, and the current location on 2510 Green Bay Road) but all of them have been in Evanston.

I​n addition to providing family fun, Lock Chicago’s Challenge Rooms are also great for team building- just ask the Chicago Bears, and the teams at Northwestern! Yep, the Da Bears use Lock Chicago for team building exercises.

Each room can host 10 people at once, which means that between their three rooms they can host parties of up to 30 people at one time. A minimum of four people are needed to reserve a room, and this place is popular, so gather up four friends and make your reservation today.

2510 Green Bay Rd, Evanston, IL 60201 | (312) 646-0051 | LockChicago.com