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Sports Ortho Evanston
Sports Ortho Evanston

Sports and Ortho is a women-owned, private practice physical therapy clinic that was founded to provide a standard of care that’s often lacking in PT. Physical therapy really requires a lot of focused, one-on-one attention with each patient to ensure smooth progress, and all too often, patients in need of PT aren’t getting that.

In addition to treating existing injuries and conditions, physical therapy is crucial for preventing further injuries. As a mother of three teen athletes, Dahlia Fahmy, owner of Sports and Ortho, understands just how important preventative medicine can be, and how physical therapy should be worked into any athlete’s normal training regimen.

This isn’t just for athletes, though. Anybody can benefit from PT, both for treating injuries and preventing them. Sports and Ortho works with everyone from athletes, to police and firemen to injured workers and more. The majority of staff is fellowship-trained in full body assessment.

That means they can do more than simply treat injuries- they can also identify the cause of the dysfunction, which speeds up recovery and improves the odds of making a recovery to full function. Their treatment methods work better and faster than other forms of physical therapy.

“Fellow of Applied Functional Science” is one of the most advanced certifications a physical therapist can receive, and it’s held by fewer than 300 people worldwide. Every therapist at Sports and Ortho has this certification, which makes them all experts on biomechanics, and it means that this clinic has by far the most highly qualified clinical staff in the area.

Every patient at Sports and Ortho is given individualized treatment and works closely with their therapist. This isn’t a major company that’s only interested in profits- it’s a small, privately owned practiced that deeply cares about its patients and the community as a whole.

While they’re new to Evanston, Sports and Ortho has been practicing PT in the Chicago area for 17 years, so they have plenty of experience. More than that, they have plenty of community support. You don’t last this long as a private practice without providing an excellent standard of care, and that’s something that Sports and Ortho excels at.

Sports and Ortho’s new Evanston clinic is located at 2930 Central Street | (847) 905-0332 |

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